Happy 1 year of putting my feelings into words! This has been deeply therapeutic for me, I love being able to release my stress, fear, and emotions into this blog. It pushes me to be creative, to really get in touch with myself mentally- and it has been a huge blessing for me. I started... Continue Reading →


Mental Health Awareness Month.

Hello friends and strangers, long time no blog post. My bad.. May has been one hell of a month, to say the least. I thought about this post approximately 3 days into the month of May. The past few months have taken their toll on me. I hit an all-time low point in my struggle... Continue Reading →

Adulthood is chaotic and messy.

I need to rant about how stressed out I've been for the last few months. It feels like every time I check something off of my to-do list, I think of 10 other things that need to get done. Every time I accomplish something, I know there's so much more to do. I am trying... Continue Reading →

It’s been a minute.

I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't written a single blog post. And these usually only take me 15-20 minutes to write.. I just let the words flow, rarely ever edit them, and just post from the heart. I have been pushing myself so hard to be happy out here... Continue Reading →

Little victories.

Today I decided to take charge of my happiness despite loneliness. I am still adjusting to being away from home, not being able to visit my family and childhood home whenever I want, and not being steps away from my best friend's and roommates at all times. It's Monday, Austin is off at work (which... Continue Reading →

RIP Chester Bennington.

I was shocked when the headlines started taking over my social media timelines. I literally didn't believe it. The lead singer of Linkin Park, a truly transformative and iconic band from my childhood, had committed suicide. How could someone so successful and incredibly talented take their own life? Depression and anxiety do not discriminate. Even... Continue Reading →

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