Embracing life’s little disasters.

You know those mornings where you're exhausted and somehow the world knows that and decides to take a giant crap on your routine? Yeah. Imagine running late to work and dropping deep pink lipstick on your white pants. In the grand scheme of things, that's totally trivial. But in the moment, on that day, it... Continue Reading →


Putting yourself out there is terrifying- but it’s worth it.

Just to set the scene: it was around 6:00pm, I had been alone all day (no, I'm not a pathetic lazy hermit, I'm just waiting to hear about a job offer, ok?!), and I was eagerly awaiting my plans for the night. Being 2,000 miles from home has been rough as hell, but thankfully, my... Continue Reading →

Little victories.

Today I decided to take charge of my happiness despite loneliness. I am still adjusting to being away from home, not being able to visit my family and childhood home whenever I want, and not being steps away from my best friend's and roommates at all times. It's Monday, Austin is off at work (which... Continue Reading →

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